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Plaid reveals Labour plan to cut an extra £5m plus from education budget

Plaid Cymru has obtained information revealing Welsh Government plans to introduce £5m of cuts to education grants this year, on top of the spending cuts already announced.[...]

Plaid leader’s appeal to First Minister in wake of atrocities in Gaza

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood has urged the First Minister to press the Prime Minister to end the sale of weapons to Israel in the wake of the crisis in Gaza.[...]

Plaid Cymru MEP sets out ‘Wales in Europe’ agricultural priorities at Royal Welsh Show

Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans will set out the agricultural priorities for Wales in Europe when visiting the Royal Welsh Show today.[...]

Party of Wales Leader Calls for Wales to Host the Commonwealth Games

Plaid Cymru’s Leader Leanne Wood has reaffirmed her party’s ambitions to bring the Commonwealth Games to Wales. The Assembly Member said it was time for Wales, as an “increasingly confident nation”, to play host to one of the largest international sporting tournaments.[...]

'Build a beacon of social justice that will inspire us all' - Leanne Wood

Plaid Cymru leader says greatest Scots act of solidarity with Wales will be to build a fair society in Scotland[...]

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23 Jul 2014
Gaza - It’s important to show where we stand

By Hywel Williams MP Gaza might seem far away. But there are Welsh people who have friends and relations there.[...]

22 Jul 2014
A Summer of Change for Rural Wales

by Jill Evans MEP As we attend the Royal Welsh this week, many will be reflecting upon a Summer of change for rural [...]

21 Jul 2014
The Politics of the Billion Pound Decision

By Elin Jones AM Much has been said over the past few days of the financial and environmental recklessness of the [...]

18 Jul 2014
From Westminster - Hywel Williams MP

It’s July. It’s hot. It’s steamy. And reshuffle mania hits London.[...]

11 Jul 2014
From Westminster - Hywel Williams MP

On Tuesday I spoke in a debate on the Modern Slavery Bill, which aims to bring an end in Britain to this revolting [...]

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