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The Party of Wales promises to put Wales First. Are you with us?

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18/09/2014  Scottish Referendum Party!
Scottish Referendum Party!

Scottish Referendum Party!    A special party will be held to mark (and celebrate hopefully!) the Scottish Referendum on Thursday, September 18th 2014 at ‘Nos Da’, Cardiff . Read more...

17/10/2014  Plaid Cymru Ceredigion - Grand Auction
Plaid Cymru Ceredigion - Grand Auction

On Friday, October 17th Plaid Cymru Cerdigion are holding a Grand  Auction at the Belle Vue Hotel , Aberystwyth at 7. Read more...

24/10/2014 - 25/10/2014  Party of Wales Annual Conference 2014
Party of Wales Annual Conference 2014

Our Annual Conference will be held this year on October 24th-25th at the Llangollen Pavilion.  With the result of the Scottish Referendum to debate and the Westminster Election Campaign firing up, this will be a crucial conference for Plaid Cymru members. Read more...