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Plaid unveils plans to save and strengthen our NHS

Welsh patients deserve a health service which can respond when they need it.  Welsh doctors and nurses deserve to work in a world-class service that values and reflects their skills. That is the message of Plaid Cymru today (Monday) as it launches its plans to save and strengthen the NHS.[...]

Plaid points to Scottish success stories as way forward on health

Plaid Cymru's Hywel Williams MP has outlined how Wales can learn from Scottish success stories when it comes to improving the Welsh Health Service currently being 'grossly mismanaged' by the Labour Welsh Government.[...]

Plaid leader welcomes confirmation of TV debates proposals

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood AM has today (Friday) welcomed confirmation from broadcasters of new proposals for two television election debates that will feature seven political parties, including Plaid Cymru. [...]

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Plaid Cymru Celebratory Dinner

We warmly invite you to join the Party for its 90th anniversary Gala Evening in the company of actor Matthew Rhys.[...]

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23 Jan 2015
Young families quitting London as North-south divide worsens

by Dafydd Wigley, Campaign Co-ordinator for the 2015 Westminster election.[...]

22 Jan 2015
Trident: 'An opportunity for everyone to show which side they were on'

Our Greens/Plaid Cymru/SNP group had a rare opportunity to choose the subject for debate on Monday.[...]

16 Jan 2015
Menai Straits pylons: Joy for Arfon; dismay for Ynys Mon

by Dafydd Wigley, Campaign Co-ordinator for the 2015 Westminster election.[...]

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