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Let Welsh media talent shine in new Government promotional film, says Plaid AM

Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Economy Minister Rhun ap Iorwerth has appealed to the Welsh Government to look to recruit a Wales-based company to produce a new film promoting the Wales. [...]

Plaid Cymru response to news on Welsh rail infrastructure

Plaid Cymru welcomes the devolution of the rail franchise. For the first time, Wales will be able to choose who operates its own railway. This is something that our party has underlined the importance of for several years.[...]

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15 Nov 2014
Powers reserved are powers shared - Leanne Wood AM

Party of Wales leader Leanne Wood's speech to the SNP conference Friends It’s a pleasure to be back here in Scotland [...]

10 Nov 2014
A New MP for the Rhondda is Not Only Possible, It’s Necessary.

Since I entered politics as a councillor for Plaid Cymru two years ago, the time has flown by.[...]

10 Nov 2014
A Better Way is Possible

by Chris Stephens, secretary of SNP Trade Union Group.[...]

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